Kino Now Launches Their New Streaming Video Service Built On Logic

By Logic Business Cloud | October 1, 2019
Kino Now Streaming Video Service built using Logic

Kino Lorber launches Kino Now, a new video streaming service featuring hundreds of independent and foreign films. Kino Now was built on Logic and integrated with the Zype video service to provide a custom experience that connects with Kino's physical products website where customers can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays. Fans may now rent or purchase digital streams of the new and classic films they love.

Logic was the perfect choice for Kino due to its flexibility and customization features that allow it to connect to a variety of data sources including their internal film database and Zype's streaming video service.  In these kinds of applications, Logic is a good fit for headless commerce or other applications that do not provide a native front-end website.  Logic provides a user friendly content management system or CMS with the power to integrate with complex external systems.

To check out the Kino Now and watch some incredible films, visit