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Our Solutions


Content Management

At the core of LOGIC is an intuitive yet versatile content management system for creating dynamic, responsive, websites.  Build layouts with drag and drop modules for rich text, forms, images, videos and 3D virtual objects.  Then bring the layouts to life with parallax motion effects, animations, transition, and AR effects. LOGIC is compatible with popular add-ons and third-party services like MailChimp, Woo Forms, and your favorite social feeds and widgets.



LOGIC provides an integrated shopping cart and order management system.  Feature a single product or service with the simple commerce module or create a catalog of thousands of products.  LOGIC commerce provides managent of promotions, coupon codes, user reviews, ratings, gift cards, rewards points, related products recommendations, inventory controls, and many more features that promote sales and retention.  Our AR (Augmented Reality) effects allow users to view products in their home through a camera equipped mobile device.  Analytics and sales reporting allow for measuring and optimizing performance.


Marketing Automation

LOGIC integrates with SharpSpring marketing automation to provide a complete marketing and promotions engine to power lead generation and sales.  Use marketing automation to build email drip campaigns, manage keyword, inbound and social campaigns, as well as monitor user interactions in real time.  Marketing automation includes landing page management, a full features CRM, email marketing with list management, behavioral tracking, automations mapping, personalization and dynamic content, all designed to grow your business.



LOGIC multisite provides a single master CMS to administer multiple websites. Perfect for managing a franchise network, multiple theatrical releases, distributor networks, brand or product feature sites, publishing and promoting multiple book series, or any application that requires multiple branded websites.  


TVOD & OTT Streaming Services

LOGIC integrates directly with Zype or Vimeo streaming services and provides management of user accounts, payment processing, search, reviews, watchlists and recommendations.  Everything needed to create a streaming service for on demand video for a private label TVOD & OTT.  Combined with the LOGIC Ecommerce system, cross promote physical product and merchandise sales side by side with digital products.